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Pureprofile connects you with paid activities unique to your hobbies and interests. Earn money for completing surveys, watching videos, reading interesting articles, participating in polls and other activities just for you. 

Convert your spare time into cash and choose how you spend it. From groceries and massages to movie tickets and Netflix subscriptions – or simply save it in the bank. 


How you can earn cash and rewards

Your profile is unique

Build your Pureprofile by answering questions like “how many children or grandchildren do you have?” or “what are your favourite Australian destinations?”

Get paid for your answers

Participate in paid activities that are tailored to who you are, your interests and hobbies. Earn money for sharing your opinion.

Reap the rewards

Exchange your rewards for cash, gift cards or movie tickets. No complicated points system. 

Relax and enjoy

Read articles and watch videos that are relevant to your interest like easy gardening tips or fun activities to try with your children and grandchildren. 

Finally, a fun and easy way to earn money doing things you love!

Join the thousands of others out there who have already found and love Pureprofile. It’s easy to sign up and completely free to try out. 

What are you waiting for?


See what other members have to say

Sweta, age 32 • Retail Owner, Mum

“The best thing about Pureprofile is that there is always something in my feed to do. I don’t have to wait for an email to arrive ... the Pureprofile  surveys are really easy to understand - they are enjoyable, engaging and not complicated.”

Matt, age 45 • Web Administrator

“I really enjoy the Pureprofile feed - going to the website every day and seeing campaigns in my feed that I can do when I have time. Pureprofile provides a very good incentive for the time it takes to fill out surveys, especially compared to other survey companies.”

Turn time into money

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Pureprofile is an easy and free option for you to earn extra cash wherever you are! 

Whether you have a few spare minutes or hours, make the most of your time and be rewarded for sharing your thoughts and opinions. 

Turn time into money